• NUNO 100% Cotton Placemat Set (Aoi)

NUNO 100% Cotton Placemat Set (Aoi)

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The NUNO Limited Series was created with nostalgic intentions. Gentle patterns observed as a child, forgotten, now romanticised on table. The outcome is a quiet statement that builds a dreamy tablescape without overwhelming our favourite elements: glass, wood, ceramic + metal. 

Each piece is uniquely created using carved wooden blocks to "hand-stamp" desired prints onto fabric. Childlikeness in emotion and technique, expect slight inconsistencies in each block print.  

Placemat set comes in a set of 4.


  • Preferably hand wash or gentle machine wash
  • Hang to dry
  • Wash with similar colours
  • Hot iron
  • First wash: Soak in cold water for an hour to remove excess dye
  • Non-toxic pigment dyes used. 

Composition: 100% Cotton. 


  • Print designed is carved onto the block by hand
  • The carved block is dipped into the required colour and then stamped onto the fabric
  • Expect inconsistencies as a result of this manual process