ROEMY is a modern fragrance house based in Melbourne, Australia. ROEMY offers a new take on fragrance, bringing you high quality products that are better for you and the environment. The ROEMY vision is to profoundly impact people, planet and community through fragrance.

Fragrance is an essential part of our lives; it creates identity and self-expression, influences moods, elevates moments and brings life into space. It inspires and impacts our memory, enabling us to recall moments often long past or seemingly forgotten. Memories of our mother’s perfume; our father’s cologne, long summers, celebrations and life’s milestones. Scent reminds us of these moments in time. This is our inspiration; moments in places, spaces and time.

Throughout their products, ROEMY has focused on eliminating harmful ingredients – ensuring all products are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, vegan and cruelty free. The result is high quality fragrances that are long-wearing and sophisticated. Because if you smell good, you feel good.

All ROEMY products are seen through a lens of sustainability. They are continually working toward a green future and they are focused on being accountable for, and limiting, their environmental impact. This begins with sustainable packaging and ingredients, paperless operations, and environmental mindfulness from start to finish. As a brand, they believe in the power of community, and how we all impact each other. They use their platform to bring awareness and inspire action.

  • ROEMY - Edition 1 Discovery Set
  • ROEMY - Forest
    from $179.00
  • ROEMY - Solstice
    from $179.00
  • ROEMY - Resort
    from $179.00
  • ROEMY - No. 6
    from $179.00
  • ROEMY - Halcyon
    from $179.00