• MORI Cutlery Set
  • MORI Cutlery Set
  • MORI Cutlery Set

MORI Cutlery Set

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The MORI Cutlery Set was curated to compliment its teak brothers and sisters. 

Timeless teak tableware for the family table. Each piece is purposefully crafted by hand. We believe that everyday dining should feel like a dinner party filled with pride and intention. This is achieved with carefully curated quality pieces which take care of all the "work" that goes into table setting. 

In other words, no setting needed at all. Just slip a white linen table cloth on the table and plate away. Artisanal tableware speaks for itself.  


5 Piece Set - 1 Dinner Knife, 1 Dinner Fork, 1 Dinner Spoon, 1 Tea Spoon and 1 Dessert Fork. 

20 Piece Set - 4 Dinner Knives, 4 Dinner Forks, 4 Dinner Spoons, 4 Tea Spoon and 4 Dessert Forks.